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Welcome ZAECA

Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Authority (ZAECA) is the Institution of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar established under the Zanzibar Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act No. 1 of 2012.

ZAECA Functions

  1. To carry out investigations on corruption and economic crimes
  2. To educate the public about corruption and economic crimes and they are effects for the purpose of involving public to prevent corruption and economic crimes and changing of people's attitude towards corruption
  3. To conduct researches and advise public and private institutions on how to curb corruption and economic crimes

Zaeca Asks the General Public

To report suspected corrupt conduct and economic crime involving or affecting the Zanzibar public sector.


Expected Responsibilities to Each Individual

Not to give or receive bribe

Demand receipt in business transaction

Report corruption and economic crimes to ZAECA

... Educate others on effect of corruption and economic crimes

Respect and protect public properties

Be trustfully and honest in service delivery

Avoid engaging in corrupt practice

Never falsify a claim

Be ready to cooperate

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Report Corruption & Economic Crimes

Toll Free: 113 Any Time in Zanzibar

HQ Mobile: +255 774 824 242
SOUTH PEMBA: +255242452521/0776651112
NORTH PEMBA: +255738311338/0623799629
You Can Visit ZAECA Office at:

Head Quoter - Victoria Garden-Vuga Mnazimmoja-Zanzibar, Near Zanzibar State House.

South Pemba - Msingini, ZAN Air Building, Opposite to Baharesa, Chake-chake Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

North Pemba - Kinyasini, Wete Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
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File Complain Online

Corruption & Economic Crimes Can Cost People:

  1. Freedom

  2. Health

  3. Money

  4. Sometimes their lives
ZAECA appreciate your effort to file complain. we respond quickly by:
  1. Arrest the suspects
  2. To conduct searches of the body, buildings, travel agencies, sky, land and sea
  3. To seizure documents, assets and other suspected objects
  4. Investigating bank accounts of any person
  5. To detain travel documents
  6. To seizure computers and other electronic devices and so on