Awareness unit against corruption is an important unit in the fight against corruption and economic crimes in the country in accordance with Section 13 ( 1 ) ( f ) and ( h ) of the Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act requires the Authority to have the unit that provide community education on the risk of corruption and economic crimes and encouraging Zanzibar government officials to have values and also handles control of corruption in the private sector and finally put an alternative initiatives to plug the loopholes of corruption and economic crimes. Articles 13 of UNCAC requires each state party participating in combating and preventing corruption involving individuals and groups such as public institutions , civil society , non- governmental and private sectors so ZAECA aims to implement the section and article 13 of UNCAC.

Awareness Unit has made great efforts to achieve the main goal of educating the public about corruption and economic crimes and they are effects for the purpose of involving public to prevent corruption and economic crimes and changing of people's attitude towards corruption.

Awareness Unit Efforts

Radios Programs 67
Televisions Programs 09
Meeting with Leaders of Ministry 08
Meeting with Police Force 01
Seminar 06
Meeting with Entreprenuers 01
Meeting with Secondary Schools's Students 09
Exhibitions 03
Celebrations 01
Meeting with Local Government Leaders 10