Handling Civil Complaints

ZAECA investigates and handles complaints filed by citizens. Citizens may personally file complaints or designate another person to act in their stead, via direct visit, mail, Internet, fax, phone and Online Complaints Form.


The investigator belonging to ZAECA demands explanation on the filed complaints and submission of relevant materials and documents to the administrative agency concerned, and attendance and testimony of complainants, stakeholders, reference persons and relevant staff member. And, this investigator also conducts an on-site investigation at the concerned agency and seeks advices from specialists.

Deliberation And Decision-Making

Upon the completion of investigation, ZAECA deliberates opinions and evidences submitted. Based on the deliberation results, it recommends corrective measures or issues official opinions on the complaints or the relevant laws, institutions, and policies


ZAECA immediately notifies matters for judgement to the parties concerned. And, the related administrative agencies should report how they implement these results no later than 30 days after receiving notification of the judgement from ZAECA. If there are viable reasons to prevent the agencies from accepting and following the ZAECA's decision, the administrative agency concerned can request re-deliberation.

Improving Ineffective Systems

ZAECA is dedicated to identifying ineffective administrative systems and fixing them.

ZAECA fulfills one of its missions, which is to root out the cause of people's grievances by uncovering systems that burden the people and subsequently recommending institutional improvement or voicing its own opinion.

To this end, we are devoted to discovering systems to be improved through a variety of channels like investigation and handling of civil complaints, analysis of repeatedly filed complaints, review of suggestions made by citizens and civic groups, media monitoring, etc.We are sparing no efforts in enhancing quality of related systems by selecting the tasks that have a great impact on the everyday life of ordinary people. Furthermore, in order to make sure that recommendations are immediately incorporated into the active system and then promote civil rights, ZAECA takes appropriate follow-up measures. These include an implementation check for accepted measures on a regular basis and a coordination meeting on unaccepted measures.